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Secrets to organize Gmail inbox

Gmail is a suitable mail platform for common mail exchange. It has been a widely used mail network from last many years. Even when it is one of the latest mail platforms that came into existence, it is a leading platform for common mail transfer services. It is also widely used because gmail is easy to use but in case of issues, easy help can be obtained with Gmail support number.

Before when users does not knew the smarter techniques of mail management. It takes about 23 minutes a day to check a mail and delete the unwanted mails from gmail inbox. You will continue to receive mails daily even when not all of them are important but thanks to the easy mail organising tricks of gmail, inbox can be organised.



Some of the secrets are-

Put more relevant emails on top

A great way to organize your inbox is to place the relevant emails at the top, such as those that are significant or starred. This is possible with gmail because it brings in easy option to rearrange mails.

Gmail helps you to organize your inbox with five choices.

  • Click the dropdown next to the type of inbox to go to your settings.
  • By default, it displays the emails in the order they came in the layout we see every day.
  • Get rid of tabs that you don't use a ton
  • That you don't need to have all five tabs within Gmail. You can disable those that you don't use a lot. The only tab that can't be disabled is the main one.
  • If you need help for the same you may contact Gmail customer care number.

Here's what you've got to do:

  • Press Preferences.
  • Tap Configure Inbox
  • Select tabs from the drop-down list that you want to allow or disable.

Use Labels to neatly organize Gmail

Gmail is a label-based system using Labels to organize smoothly. Technically, inbox, trash, drafts are labels. Labels are a great way for Gmail to be structured. They're like tags that you can add to send or receive messages. The great thing is that more than one label can be added to an email. The ability to add colors to Labels is another feature you would love. Labels let you manage mails and distinguish between them easily.

When you want to organize Gmail, the usual course of action is to sift through emails and forward them to teammates an absolute waste of time but with the useful features of gmail this become quite an easy task. If this is problemctic for you, it is suggested to obtain easy help with Gmail helpline number.


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What to do if I have problem in yahoo verification?

Yahoo is another useful mail oriented platform which is widely used even today. Even when there exists so many mail platforms, yahoo is one among which is widely preferred because it brings advanced and latest applications and features for its users. Yahoo caters amazing applications and features for users every now and then.

Everything on yahoo platform is user friendly and this is another reason why it is so widely chosen for mail exchange and other purposes. Everything on yahoo is easy to use but in case of any issues, easy help can be obtained at yahoo contact number uk.

Yahoo is a platform that brings useful applications for users but to use these applications of yahoo, you need to get into yahoo mail account with your id and password. You can gain this with a simple registration process in yahoo website. Once you are done completing your registration process, you have to verify your identity to get your own account. You can verify your account by accepting a simple code on mobile number or alternative email address.



As this is the compulsory process, skipping this can restrict you to enter your account. In some cases users face issue in completed this process and if you don’t receive a code or have any issue verifying your account identity you must obtain help with yahoo customer support service 0800-090-3909 helpline phone number uk. There can be various reasons for this and it is important to identify the cause so as to find solutions.

There are various reasons why you don’t receive the verification code and some of the common reasons can be:

  1. You must have used landline number. Yahoo can only send verification codes on mobile numbers.
  2. You may be facing this issue because there is a network issue on your device.
  3. Make sure you have used a right mobile number or an alternative email address for verification.

There can be other reasons as well why you are unable to complete your verification process. If you have not completed verification process at time, the link may expire and then you should try with new one.

You can only get your yahoo mail account when you complete the verification process without any issues. If you don’t understand how this is to be done and face problems with the same, you may contact yahoo phone number uk for easy help.


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How to unlock a temporary locked yahoo account?

Yahoo makes to be a platform that is widely preferred for its mailing services. It is a platform used widely across the world. It is user friendly and customer oriented platform that brings in useful applications. Using yahoo is easy but in case if users face any issues using yahoo, they may obtain easy help with yahoo support number.

Yahoo! is very stringent in keeping with its guidelines with its products and services. Any fault with its goods can result in a strike on the use of your service. If you are temporarily locking your Yahoo mail account you can recovery it.



To recover your account follow these mentioned steps:

  1. There are following possible sources of blocking
  2. Try incorrect password attempts multiple times
  3.  Sending mails in large numbers over defined limits
  4. Try your spam operation through receivers on your account
  5. Unauthorized access to third-party applications, computer POP and IMAP settings
  6. Your account at different locations
  7. Unauthorized access to third-party apps and software Using your account


How to quickly access Yahoo Account?


The lock will automatically be removed after 12 hours, but you can always use the Sign-in Helper to get back to your account immediately.

Take easy help from yahoo Helpline number if needed.


Step 1: Go to the forum page of Yahoo Support.

Step 2: Click here on the "Account Closed" notification

Step 3: Now click the Sign-in Helper

Step 4: Enter the Yahoo Mail Address or Phone Number.

Step 5: You must attach an' Account Key' to your mail / phone for recovery or you may be asked about security issues.

Step 6: Follow the steps to get back to your Yahoo! account locked immediately.

Once you sign in to your account, Yahoo servers store cookies in the form of data packets. Such cookies are the one that helps to remember more links to your Yahoo account. But if somebody wants to use the wrong password, the cookies will be deleted. And the cookies expire when the maximum number of attempts is reached. This causes the Yahoo filters to suspect account activity and thus momentarily locks it or for so-called 12 or 24 hours.

You can try logging in using another Yahoo server to unlock or unblock your account as well and if nothing helps get easy help with yahoo contact number.


Smart Method to Archive PST Files in OUTLOOK 2010

Outlook 2010 has been added with an enormous number of helpful features. One of the most essential features which is included into the MS Outlook 2010 is .pst files or documents. The .pst file refers to an uncommon kind of file which is attached in the Outlook 2010 application as defined by Outlook Customer Service Number UK team of experts.


The file is very helpful in putting away a wide range of significant files or archives, for example, Inbox, Calendar, Contacts, and so on. It is further conceivable to utilize Personal Folders Backup alternative for back-up purposes for different .pst files in Outlook 2010.



Effective Method to manage and archive.pst files in your Outlook 2010


Step1: Archive .pst Files


  • To continue with the archive step of the .pst documents in Outlook 2010, one have to pick Archive symbol from the File menu of app.
  • Now just tap on the folder which should be documented and then choose an alternative known as ‘Archive this folder and all subfolders’. In the Archive documents older than" segment, determining the date for the archive is vital. Outlook helpline Phone Number
  • Specify the archive file or document name in Archive File area. Now browse and after that pick the archive area for personal data folder. Users will in a flash have the option to see a possibility for Archiving option while the messages are transferred into the file or archive folder.


 Step2: Managing .pst Files or Documents


  • The .pst file in Outlook 2010 might be huge in amount. It can further result in slow working of the system. One can without much of a stretch to see every one of the messages in Outlook 2010. In this way, clearly you have to take good consideration while removing all the undesirable items from the .pst folder.
  • For this, clients need to execute the installation step and run a couple of 3rd-party software, for example, PST File Splitter in Outlook 2010. One will probably see the software scanning the app, and other unwanted things are removed.


Step3: Turn on Auto-Archive


Turn on the auto-archive function in Outlook 2010 to make the application run quicker. This is required so as to delete all the old messages from the mail box in defined interims. Auto-archive will generally move all the email messages directly from the Primary Mailbox segment into an Archive Data File which is then restored in local hard drive of the system.


Explore our Outlook Contact Support Number UK 0800-090-3909 services at our help department to further solve a wide range of Outlook issues at a go. Feel free to call us and even you can drop us an email also.

Hotmail is Not Loading Properly? Here is the Troubleshooting Guide

It very well may be very frustrating if you urgently need to login to your Hotmail email account yet you can't do as such as the login page is either not opening or loading exceptionally slow. What's more, what adds to this dissatisfaction is the failure to decide the reason causing the issue.

If you are likewise facing problems getting to your Hotmail account because of page failure or drowsy loading, you can use this below guide which explained by the expert Hotmail Support Number team.



Step by Step Instructions Steps to Resolve Slow Loading Issue With Your Hotmail Account


Important Note: It is suggested to apply the below referenced measures in the sequence they are given here. In the event that the main measure doesn't enable you to solve the issue, you can move to the following measure, etc until the issue gets fixed. Hotmail Helpline Number

  • Step 1: It is suggested to ensure that your web connection isn't excessively slow. Open a browser on your PC and open any site to check if the web is functioning as regular or not. In the event that utilizing a Wi-Fi network, ensure your PC is inside the Wi-Fi network range.
  • Step 2: Then ensure that the browser you are utilizing to get to your Hotmail email account is compatible or good. An incompatible web browser can likewise cause issue loading or getting to Hotmail account login page.
  • Step 3: Check whether the browser you are utilizing is running with the new version. Utilizing an outdated or more established browser can likewise cause trouble launching or opening Hotmail account login page.
  • Step 4: An internet browser enhancement, for example, an add-on or plug-in can likewise bring about such problems. Along these lines, ensure that no such web browser extensions are causing the problem. For this, try disabling each add-on & plug-in to see which improvement is really causing the issue.
  • Step 5: Now simply clear the cookies, cache, and browsing history from your web browser. This is on the grounds that any corrupt file or document in the browser can likewise cause such blunder.
  • Step 6: Try getting to your Hotmail utilizing an alternate web browser, and PC to check whether both of them is causing the issue.

In a large portion of the cases, following the above steps should fix the issue; nonetheless, if the issue still persists even after following the guidelines, it is ideal to contact Hotmail Contact Number and look for suitable help for your issue.

How to use Hotmail application functions for easy mail management?

Hotmail brings in an amazing mail experience and it is because of this reason why it is so widely used by everyone all around the world. Hotmail is different from other available mail platforms in a manner that it could effectively provide specific mail oriented services only. When a user need to trust some enhanced mail platform for official mail exchange services, he may trust hotmail without any doubt, this makes it a integral mail platform for many.

Hotmail is also widely used because it brings in user oriented applications still if any user face any issues using hotmail, they may obtain easy help from Hotmail phone number uk immediately.Hotmail knows what a user may need from a reputable mail platform and thus ensure to bring in all suitable applications right at one platform itself. The useful and helpful features and applications of hotmail make it a wonderful mail application all together.



Some of the useful application functions of hotmail which are worth using are:

  1. Marking mail as junk – Not every mail that you receive in your hotmail inbox on daily basis can be useful sometimes they are junk mails which need to manage manually or automatically. One can mark mails as junk to automatically move them to junk folders. To do this, one can follow these steps:
  • Get into your hotmail account with your id and password.
  • Get to the outlook inbox.
  • Select the mail you wish to mark as junk by clicking the left appearing checkbox.
  • Now right click.
  • From here you can select the junk button.
  • Clicking this will move the selected mails in junk folder immediately.
  1. Blocking unwanted senders – The main purpose of outlook platform is mail exchange but sometimes you receive some mails from an unknown sender. This may get worse and irritating if continues to fill your inbox. In such cases when you know that a single sender is sending you unwanted mails in hotmail you can block it and this is easy. If help is required you may get from Hotmail contact support number. The steps are as below:
  • Login to your hotmail account.
  • Get to account settings.
  • Click on more options.
  • Get to junk mail settings.
  • Click on safe and blocked sender option
  • Select blocked sender options.
  • Enter email address you wish to block.
  • Click save.
  1. Managing hotmail rules – If you wish to automatically manage mails in outlook, you can make use of its automatic rules options. One may select rules that already exist, can modify existing or can also create new folders. This can help hotmail to automatically move mails from inbox to other dedicated folders. The steps for this can be as below:
  • Get to your hotmail account with your login Id and password.
  • Get to outlook settings.
  • Select the folder to manage.
  • Right click the folder
  • A drop down menu will appear.
  • Select manage rules options.
  • Select the existing rules or edit the existing rules.
  • If needed create new folders.
  • This will help move mails automatically.


All these application provided by hotmail are useful and have been enabled for its users only. It is worth knowing most of them and using them in daily routine hotmail use so as to enjoy best user experience online. All these application of hotmail are easy to use because they are user oriented but in case, if using this get difficult one may obtain easy help from Hotmail customer service number.

What to do if outlook search feature is not working?

Outlook makes to be a platform that caters specialized services for enhanced mail transfer. Even when there exists so many mail platform these days but among them outlook is the most widely used mail platform because it brings latest and enhanced mail services. It focuses on mail services only and to ensure enhance user experience, it makes sure to bring just the latest application as always.


This is the reasons that even after so many years, it has survived successfully. It is integral mail platform for many because it is enhanced and easy to use but in case if users face any issues, user may obtain easy help from outlook customer service uk.


This enhanced mail platform makes sure that user does not face any issue while mail exchange. So as to enhance their user’s experience, it also ensures to provide search services as well.


Using this search services, users can easily search different mails easily. This is an enhanced feature of outlook but sometimes due to various reasons, user may face issues searching mails in outlook. This problem occurs due to multiple reasons. It is important to find solutions immediately in order to use back the search feature on Microsoft Outlook.


Search may not work due to improper indexing. In case if your search item has not been proper indexed in indexing list, then you may face issues using the search function. In such cases, you must try to index back and search again. If you can’t find solution to the same and wish to obtain easy help you must not hesitate to obtain easy help for the same from outlook support number uk.



Some common reasons can be:

  1. Check the indexing status - Due to improper indexing, such issues may occur. When search is not working on Outlook, one can check the indexing status. This can be done with below steps:


  • Open the Outlook
  • Click on the Search box
  • Now click on Search tools
  • Choose Indexing status
  • In Indexing Status dialog box look for items remaining for indexing
  • If there are zero times, this means indexing is completed
  • If not, then wait the indexing to be completed.


  1. Rebuild the index - Sometimes the search may not work or may stop working suddenly. In such cases you must try rebuilding the index to fix this issue. you can rebuild the index by following method:


  • Open Outlook
  • Click on File tab
  • Now click on the Options
  • Then choose Search option
  • Now click on Indexing Options
  • Then click on advanced option
  • Here you can see that which locations are indexed
  • Now click on troubleshooting section
  • Then click on Rebuild
  • Now rebuild the index to complete the process
  • Now search option will work successfully.


  1. Remove the special characters – User may also face issues using the search feature in outlook because there are lots of special characters used. This search issue can simply be eliminated by removing those special characters and trying again. Steps for the same are:


  • Go to the Profile Name
  • Click on Applications option
  • Choose Show Package Contents
  • Remove special characters using special instruction
  • Try again.


With these solutions, users can easily eliminate these issues of search features in outlook. With this, users can easily get back to searching mails in outlook. In case the issues are not solved and you need further help to the same, you may obtain easy help from outlook helpline number.



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