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How to unlock a temporary locked yahoo account?

Yahoo makes to be a platform that is widely preferred for its mailing services. It is a platform used widely across the world. It is user friendly and customer oriented platform that brings in useful applications. Using yahoo is easy but in case if users face any issues using yahoo, they may obtain easy help with yahoo support number.

Yahoo! is very stringent in keeping with its guidelines with its products and services. Any fault with its goods can result in a strike on the use of your service. If you are temporarily locking your Yahoo mail account you can recovery it.



To recover your account follow these mentioned steps:

  1. There are following possible sources of blocking
  2. Try incorrect password attempts multiple times
  3.  Sending mails in large numbers over defined limits
  4. Try your spam operation through receivers on your account
  5. Unauthorized access to third-party applications, computer POP and IMAP settings
  6. Your account at different locations
  7. Unauthorized access to third-party apps and software Using your account


How to quickly access Yahoo Account?


The lock will automatically be removed after 12 hours, but you can always use the Sign-in Helper to get back to your account immediately.

Take easy help from yahoo Helpline number if needed.


Step 1: Go to the forum page of Yahoo Support.

Step 2: Click here on the "Account Closed" notification

Step 3: Now click the Sign-in Helper

Step 4: Enter the Yahoo Mail Address or Phone Number.

Step 5: You must attach an' Account Key' to your mail / phone for recovery or you may be asked about security issues.

Step 6: Follow the steps to get back to your Yahoo! account locked immediately.

Once you sign in to your account, Yahoo servers store cookies in the form of data packets. Such cookies are the one that helps to remember more links to your Yahoo account. But if somebody wants to use the wrong password, the cookies will be deleted. And the cookies expire when the maximum number of attempts is reached. This causes the Yahoo filters to suspect account activity and thus momentarily locks it or for so-called 12 or 24 hours.

You can try logging in using another Yahoo server to unlock or unblock your account as well and if nothing helps get easy help with yahoo contact number.


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