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How to use Hotmail application functions for easy mail management?

Hotmail brings in an amazing mail experience and it is because of this reason why it is so widely used by everyone all around the world. Hotmail is different from other available mail platforms in a manner that it could effectively provide specific mail oriented services only. When a user need to trust some enhanced mail platform for official mail exchange services, he may trust hotmail without any doubt, this makes it a integral mail platform for many.

Hotmail is also widely used because it brings in user oriented applications still if any user face any issues using hotmail, they may obtain easy help from Hotmail phone number uk immediately.Hotmail knows what a user may need from a reputable mail platform and thus ensure to bring in all suitable applications right at one platform itself. The useful and helpful features and applications of hotmail make it a wonderful mail application all together.



Some of the useful application functions of hotmail which are worth using are:

  1. Marking mail as junk – Not every mail that you receive in your hotmail inbox on daily basis can be useful sometimes they are junk mails which need to manage manually or automatically. One can mark mails as junk to automatically move them to junk folders. To do this, one can follow these steps:
  • Get into your hotmail account with your id and password.
  • Get to the outlook inbox.
  • Select the mail you wish to mark as junk by clicking the left appearing checkbox.
  • Now right click.
  • From here you can select the junk button.
  • Clicking this will move the selected mails in junk folder immediately.
  1. Blocking unwanted senders – The main purpose of outlook platform is mail exchange but sometimes you receive some mails from an unknown sender. This may get worse and irritating if continues to fill your inbox. In such cases when you know that a single sender is sending you unwanted mails in hotmail you can block it and this is easy. If help is required you may get from Hotmail contact support number. The steps are as below:
  • Login to your hotmail account.
  • Get to account settings.
  • Click on more options.
  • Get to junk mail settings.
  • Click on safe and blocked sender option
  • Select blocked sender options.
  • Enter email address you wish to block.
  • Click save.
  1. Managing hotmail rules – If you wish to automatically manage mails in outlook, you can make use of its automatic rules options. One may select rules that already exist, can modify existing or can also create new folders. This can help hotmail to automatically move mails from inbox to other dedicated folders. The steps for this can be as below:
  • Get to your hotmail account with your login Id and password.
  • Get to outlook settings.
  • Select the folder to manage.
  • Right click the folder
  • A drop down menu will appear.
  • Select manage rules options.
  • Select the existing rules or edit the existing rules.
  • If needed create new folders.
  • This will help move mails automatically.


All these application provided by hotmail are useful and have been enabled for its users only. It is worth knowing most of them and using them in daily routine hotmail use so as to enjoy best user experience online. All these application of hotmail are easy to use because they are user oriented but in case, if using this get difficult one may obtain easy help from Hotmail customer service number.

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