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Secrets to organize Gmail inbox

Gmail is a suitable mail platform for common mail exchange. It has been a widely used mail network from last many years. Even when it is one of the latest mail platforms that came into existence, it is a leading platform for common mail transfer services. It is also widely used because gmail is easy to use but in case of issues, easy help can be obtained with Gmail support number.

Before when users does not knew the smarter techniques of mail management. It takes about 23 minutes a day to check a mail and delete the unwanted mails from gmail inbox. You will continue to receive mails daily even when not all of them are important but thanks to the easy mail organising tricks of gmail, inbox can be organised.



Some of the secrets are-

Put more relevant emails on top

A great way to organize your inbox is to place the relevant emails at the top, such as those that are significant or starred. This is possible with gmail because it brings in easy option to rearrange mails.

Gmail helps you to organize your inbox with five choices.

  • Click the dropdown next to the type of inbox to go to your settings.
  • By default, it displays the emails in the order they came in the layout we see every day.
  • Get rid of tabs that you don't use a ton
  • That you don't need to have all five tabs within Gmail. You can disable those that you don't use a lot. The only tab that can't be disabled is the main one.
  • If you need help for the same you may contact Gmail customer care number.

Here's what you've got to do:

  • Press Preferences.
  • Tap Configure Inbox
  • Select tabs from the drop-down list that you want to allow or disable.

Use Labels to neatly organize Gmail

Gmail is a label-based system using Labels to organize smoothly. Technically, inbox, trash, drafts are labels. Labels are a great way for Gmail to be structured. They're like tags that you can add to send or receive messages. The great thing is that more than one label can be added to an email. The ability to add colors to Labels is another feature you would love. Labels let you manage mails and distinguish between them easily.

When you want to organize Gmail, the usual course of action is to sift through emails and forward them to teammates an absolute waste of time but with the useful features of gmail this become quite an easy task. If this is problemctic for you, it is suggested to obtain easy help with Gmail helpline number.


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