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What to do if I have problem in yahoo verification?

Yahoo is another useful mail oriented platform which is widely used even today. Even when there exists so many mail platforms, yahoo is one among which is widely preferred because it brings advanced and latest applications and features for its users. Yahoo caters amazing applications and features for users every now and then.

Everything on yahoo platform is user friendly and this is another reason why it is so widely chosen for mail exchange and other purposes. Everything on yahoo is easy to use but in case of any issues, easy help can be obtained at yahoo contact number uk.

Yahoo is a platform that brings useful applications for users but to use these applications of yahoo, you need to get into yahoo mail account with your id and password. You can gain this with a simple registration process in yahoo website. Once you are done completing your registration process, you have to verify your identity to get your own account. You can verify your account by accepting a simple code on mobile number or alternative email address.



As this is the compulsory process, skipping this can restrict you to enter your account. In some cases users face issue in completed this process and if you don’t receive a code or have any issue verifying your account identity you must obtain help with yahoo customer support service 0800-090-3909 helpline phone number uk. There can be various reasons for this and it is important to identify the cause so as to find solutions.

There are various reasons why you don’t receive the verification code and some of the common reasons can be:

  1. You must have used landline number. Yahoo can only send verification codes on mobile numbers.
  2. You may be facing this issue because there is a network issue on your device.
  3. Make sure you have used a right mobile number or an alternative email address for verification.

There can be other reasons as well why you are unable to complete your verification process. If you have not completed verification process at time, the link may expire and then you should try with new one.

You can only get your yahoo mail account when you complete the verification process without any issues. If you don’t understand how this is to be done and face problems with the same, you may contact yahoo phone number uk for easy help.


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