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What to do if outlook search feature is not working?

Outlook makes to be a platform that caters specialized services for enhanced mail transfer. Even when there exists so many mail platform these days but among them outlook is the most widely used mail platform because it brings latest and enhanced mail services. It focuses on mail services only and to ensure enhance user experience, it makes sure to bring just the latest application as always.


This is the reasons that even after so many years, it has survived successfully. It is integral mail platform for many because it is enhanced and easy to use but in case if users face any issues, user may obtain easy help from outlook customer service uk.


This enhanced mail platform makes sure that user does not face any issue while mail exchange. So as to enhance their user’s experience, it also ensures to provide search services as well.


Using this search services, users can easily search different mails easily. This is an enhanced feature of outlook but sometimes due to various reasons, user may face issues searching mails in outlook. This problem occurs due to multiple reasons. It is important to find solutions immediately in order to use back the search feature on Microsoft Outlook.


Search may not work due to improper indexing. In case if your search item has not been proper indexed in indexing list, then you may face issues using the search function. In such cases, you must try to index back and search again. If you can’t find solution to the same and wish to obtain easy help you must not hesitate to obtain easy help for the same from outlook support number uk.



Some common reasons can be:

  1. Check the indexing status - Due to improper indexing, such issues may occur. When search is not working on Outlook, one can check the indexing status. This can be done with below steps:


  • Open the Outlook
  • Click on the Search box
  • Now click on Search tools
  • Choose Indexing status
  • In Indexing Status dialog box look for items remaining for indexing
  • If there are zero times, this means indexing is completed
  • If not, then wait the indexing to be completed.


  1. Rebuild the index - Sometimes the search may not work or may stop working suddenly. In such cases you must try rebuilding the index to fix this issue. you can rebuild the index by following method:


  • Open Outlook
  • Click on File tab
  • Now click on the Options
  • Then choose Search option
  • Now click on Indexing Options
  • Then click on advanced option
  • Here you can see that which locations are indexed
  • Now click on troubleshooting section
  • Then click on Rebuild
  • Now rebuild the index to complete the process
  • Now search option will work successfully.


  1. Remove the special characters – User may also face issues using the search feature in outlook because there are lots of special characters used. This search issue can simply be eliminated by removing those special characters and trying again. Steps for the same are:


  • Go to the Profile Name
  • Click on Applications option
  • Choose Show Package Contents
  • Remove special characters using special instruction
  • Try again.


With these solutions, users can easily eliminate these issues of search features in outlook. With this, users can easily get back to searching mails in outlook. In case the issues are not solved and you need further help to the same, you may obtain easy help from outlook helpline number.

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